Monday, August 17, 2009

Get outta my state, ya Commie!

Local newsbits...

Phoenix Police have NO 1st Amendment Rights

Just reported locally....

Phoenix police who were on duty at Sky Harbor Airport were told if their personal vehicles which they drove to the airport, had any anti-Obama stickers, to park their vehicles against the walls of the buildings so they could not be seen when Obama landed.

Just one more Obama outrage.

But, we do still have our 2nd Amendment rights here in AZ...

A man carrying an AR-15 assault rifle attended the protests. Police at the scene said he did not need a permit for the gun and he was not arrested. They said the man was walking around and was not involved in any protest activity.
The man declined to give his name to The Arizona Republic.
``Because I can do it,'' he said when asked why he was armed.
``In Arizona, I still have some freedoms.

CNN says these guys were among the Obama supporters! Damn, now that's brave! CNN reporter, of course, found it "kind of jarring".
Some local personalities are saying oh, gee, maybe he shouldn't have done that; it just wasn't the time or the place. BULL! He had every right to carry that or any other legal weapon any place it was legal! Why should Arizonans give up their rights for the wimpy sensibilities of outsiders or media personalities? Furthermore, these people have been threatened; they've been told that they are being followed and that their homes might just "go up; poof!"

Phoenix police said the gun-toters at Monday's event, including the man carrying an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle slung over his shoulder, didn't need permits. No crimes were committed, and no one was arrested.

There was a Citizens Townhall today across the street from where the Prez spoke to the VFW. Former Congressman J. D. Hayworth hosted with AZ Congressman Trent Franks and Dr. M Zhudi Jasser appearing. Signs and/or slogans at the protest today which numbered close to 1000:

Marx was not a Founding Father
Get the Facts
Kill the Bill
Say no to Communism, Fascism, Socialism
Private Insurance Please
Read Our Lips! No New Taxes
No Obama Hellcare
Redistribute My Work Ethic
Obama Congress You've Failed You're Fired
Protest BO Your policies STINK
ObamaCare: Government Acting Stupidly
Nov 2010 We're Gonna Party Like it's 1994
Deficit Neutral = Bankrupt
Mr. President, I'll keep my freedom, my money, & my guns... You can keep the "Change"
ObamaCare NO! We Can't
Give the Dems "End of Congress" Counseling
Good Riddance Nov 2, 2010
Not fooled by Obama's fake town hall meetings

How to tell Obama is lying - he says "That's the truth" about something he said or "That's just not true" about the opposition.


Rodan said...

Unbelievable, is this America? This is bullcrap!

Serr8d said...

I'm a native Arizonan, now living in Tennessee. Loved it out there, in Show Low, my hometown.

God's country, man!

(Great post BTW. Oh, at Hot Air today, Allahpundit had to ban someone (see page 7 of the comments) on his post about this guy carrying the AR. Seems tempers flared, and some azzhole (limeygeek) threatened the prez or something.)



Kirly said...

Serr! Welcome! You're right, this IS God's country out here. I love it! Show Low, eh? I'm thinking about buying some land out in the surrounding area near there! AZ is my favorite place on the planet!

Serr, if you're not aware of it, the small picture of the duststorm on my blog is the entry to a chat. Stop on by some time!

Serr8d said...

Heh. Last time I visited SL, back in '06, an acre of undergrown scrub cedar and juniper (with maybe a few wilted Ponderosa pines) was selling for $60K / acre.

I lived in Linden, just off of Hwy 260, just west of SL, about a quarter mile from the border of the Apache-Sitgreaves NF. Now, all that 'open' land I remember is peppered with subdivisions and growth. They even have a @al-Mart now! Unbelievable. But don't get taken by someone selling Rodeo Fire acreage at a low price; those areas will take decades to regrow.

I'll stop in the chat 'dust room' prolly this weekend, after a few stiff belts of tequila!

Kirly said...

Serr - that's awesome! there are a number of folks from AZ who chat now and then. and at least one in TN too. Just click the dust storm and enter a username of your choosing. Let 'em know you came in through kirly's blog our chat has entry points all over the web! :-)