Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summaries of the townhalls are done!

I have completed the summaries of Congressman Shadegg's townhall which I attended last Saturday.

Please, especially note this portion in segment 18:

SCOTUS ruled that if you get your health care from your employer under an ERISA plan and that plan wrongfully denies you care you cannot sue the plan for damages.
In this bill, the ruling of ERISA saying that insurance companies that sell ERISA plans are immune, are applied to employer provided plans going forward.Shadegg confronted Waxman about that point. Waxman turned as red as the red stripe on that flag. Last week Pelosi called the health insurance industry crooks, evil and that Pelosi was going to destroy them and that their day of ruling America is over in a bill where she cut, what Shadegg thinks, is a secret backroom deal to give them immunity when they kill or hurt somebody in insurance coverage denials.

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