Saturday, August 22, 2009

Arthur Frommer verbally smacked on his own blog!

The other day, I posted about Arthur Frommer and his ignorance about Arizona. Today, I encourage everyone to read the comments in response to his idiocy on his own blog! He has been verbally taken out back behind the woodshed and beaten to to a mental pulp with a switch of his own choosing by over 600 freedom-loving Americans.

Many Arizonans posted sentiments similar to my own... good Frommer! We don't need you around anyhow!

Local radio host and former Congressman JD Hayworth said as much on KFYI yesterday too. Speaking of JD, he does a Weenie of the Week feature every Friday afternoon (in the 5 o'clock hour). Yesterdays Weenie of the Week, overwhelming voted the honor by his listeners, was the MSNBC3 who blatantly LIED about Chris The Libertarian who is black and a threat to no one.

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