Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cuts in medical care costs will inevitably fall on seniors and the chronically ill

70-80% of all health care in this country goes to senior citizens and/or the chronically ill. The chronically ill includes people who live perfectly normal lives but do so with potentially life threatening conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma (that's right, you'll die of a heart attack if you don't get help).

So where exactly could the alleged savings in cost come from? From the 20-30% of health care that goes to non-life threatening conditions? Or from the 70-80% that goes to seniors and/or the chronically ill?

If the desired reductions in cost come from the 20-30% of non-life threatening conditions, then those of you with plantar fasciitis, structural bunions, or neuromas which leave you almost completely unable to walk well you can just get a wheelchare. Those of you with tennis elbow so painful that you can't use your arm at all (even to lift a coffee cup! No swimming or even walking for you - the natural swinging of ones arm is incredibly painful) better get used to living with it. Or, how about those women who are beyond child bearing years but who have gynecological problems such as menorrhagia which render them nearly bed ridden; unable to bend at the waist due to the pain, unable to live any semblance of a normal life due to that pain and the intense, heavy, and nearly constant bleeding (there is a story in the Bible about this). No hysterectomy for you! You can just live with that. How many marriages do you think will be destroyed because of this? How many children will be deprived of a healthy, active mother?

Now, if the desired reductions in cost come from the 70-80%, then the seniors and the chronically ill are absolutely right to be extremely concerned. Health care is for the sick. Cost cutting will, inevitably reduce the level of care available to them. There is no legitimate argument against that. Seniors know that. Parents of adult and underage children who have disabilities and impairments know that. Cutting the health care to those who need it most is wrong in every possible sense. It also goes against the hypocratic oath. But the statists will twist it such that it means nothing more than "do no further harm" thereby justifying just letting the sick and the old die.

As my congressman (Shadegg) said, short of an uprising of the American people, this bill will pass simply due to the numbers. You must speak out! Write to your members of congress (House and Senate); write also to the committee members (Energy and Commerce, Education and Labor, House Ways and Means); write to "big pharma", when you see one of those commericals from "big pharma" write to the show on which it aired, when you see or hear anyone on TV or radio stating something incorrect, write to them and quote the bill proving they're wrong; talk to your doctors about this; discuss with your friends / relatives / everyone you come in contact with. Tell them what is in the bill itself! Challenge them to look for themselves!

This health care debate to address a socalled crisis in health care has been going on in this country for almost 100 years. Know your history. The Truman Administration tried it. It has been tried in congress multiple times: Congressman Foran (The Foran Bill which didn't pass but which has effectively been implemented); Congressman King of CA (The King Bill), etc. The Clinton Administration tried it.

The socialists used to attempt this openly until they realized the American people would never agree to and submit to such socialistic government control (1927, Norman Thomas).

Now they lie and attempt to deceive you into accepting it. Don't fall for it. It's just a foot in the door as it always has been! You need ask yourself why they want this. The answer can only be control. Control over who lives and dies. You don't get much more statist than that.

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