Thursday, August 20, 2009

Arizonan jarring the statists

I saw this clip at StoptheACLU noting that MSNBC tried to paint the legal carrying of weapons in phoenix as racist against the first black president. I thought the fellow looked very familiar so I checked my video and I think he is the last guy to speak at the Q&A. I'm not sure if it's the same guy and I know it doesn't matter. It's just a curiosity really. But, if it is the same person, I can tell you that as I left the Townhall, I spent a few minutes in the back of the room right next to him. He was speaking very politely and very earnestly about Ron Paul. Not that that matters either (and no I am not and was not a Ron Paul supporter). My point is simply that he demonstrated a calm, quiet, patient manner the entire time he was at the townhall.

And, for those of you unfamiliar with the laws of the state of Arizona, no permits nor registration of ordinary weapons is required here. Open carry of any legal weapon is perfectly legal here. AZ is also a "shall issue" state of concealed carry permits. So, the hysterical with wimpy sensibilities and irrational fear of guns should just get over being "jarred" by the sight of a weapon in the hands of someone who is not law enforcement or military (they probably don't even know what posse comitatus means); they should also stop attempting to change the internal laws of the state of Arizona. And, to those who yearn to live free to carry weapons and defend themselves, move here to Arizona!

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