Sunday, August 09, 2009

AZ Congressman Shadegg Heatlhcare Townhall

Yesterday, Saturday, August 8, 2009. I was there. I recorded the entire 3 hours (working to get some of this up on youtube) but here are some bits in text...

I was there about an hour early to ensure a good seating location (heh. to ensure a seat at all!)

I choose to be one of the last ones to speak since I was filming.

After the near-blind woman spoke, saying that her father worked two jobs to pay for her health care, I couldn't speak. Many in the audience, as was i, were moved to tears. I waited for someone else to speak. Then, when I had composed my self, I said...

"Thank you for coming today. I really appreciate you educating me that you really are on the right side of this issue. I appreciate that. I have one thing to say ...

My health care, my health insurance, my doctors, my medications, what i do and don't take, my procedures, that i do and don't have done, will never, under any circumstance be the business of the federal government."

Wow. What was left of the audience vigorously applauded me along with my congressman who said, "there you go" while clapping!

Congressman Shadegg gave us some advice too. He said go home, talk to everyone you know about this. Show them what is in the bill.

He said don't just write to your members of congress. Write to the committee chairs, the minority leaders of the various committees. Write members of congress in other states who are supporting the government takeover of all healthcare and insurance. If you don't know who they are, go to (at the top of the page are two dropdown, the second one is to the committees websites). Go to and click committees. You want the Energy and Commerce Committee, the Education and Labor Committee, and the House Ways and Means Committee.

Furthermore, he said to write to the RNC, the DNC, the news entities, pharmaceutical companies! Write to anyone and everyone who is supporting this outrage!
I assure you that Congressman Shadegg is definitely on the right side of this issue. I'm so glad he changed his mind about retiring! We need people like him in congress now more than ever.

Update: Some screen caps...

The Bill (HR3200)

Some of the (Very few) signs that made it over from the protest at Congressman Mitchells office:


Anonymous said...

Great post Kirls. I so envy you having a person of reason as your rep. Would like to use your comments as the base for my letters to these statists.


Kirly said...

Thank you!

Feel free! If I didn't want these statements public, I wouldn't have put them on my blog.

I'm trying to get the vids edited down to 10 minutes or less so I can put them on youtube. Shadegg had some great advice, some great ideas, and some great comments. I want to share those but these difficulties are delaying that.