Sunday, November 01, 2009

Faleh Almaleki arrested

Not brand new news, i know. But, I've heard that Faleh Almaleki who ran his daughter and the mother of his daughters boyfriend over for being "too Westernized" here in Arizona, has been arrested. I see that article and I hear on cable news nothing about how Almaleki drove south to Mexico, abandoned his vehicle near Nogales, made his way to Mexico City, flew to London where he was denied entry and put on a flight back to the United States which explains how he came to be in Georgia.

So, the sieve of a border between the USA and Mexico works both ways. Mexico should have stopped this guy at the border. But look at him. He could easily blend in with the right clothes and attitude south of the border.

At least he's now in custody and even our liberal judges would have to agree that he's an obvious flight risk. I sure hope that if he has other daughters, that they've been taken to safety in the event some idiot judge lets him out.

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