Friday, November 20, 2009

Trick ... to hide the decline

WattsUpWithThat mirrors a posting from regarding the emails which show that the warmists knew what they were doing and had to resort ot a "trick ... to hide the decline" in temperatures.

This is fraud. Fraud on so grand a scale that it would have affected national soveriegnty, personal liberty, and every aspect of your personal life from the the price of fuel to the makeup of toilet paper.

See the green and purple lines in this graph. The purple is after the "trick ... to hide the decline" of the green line was applied.


Jason said...

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Good work on your writings so far.


KG said...

Kirly, I see the apologists are out in force all over the place.
The most popular line right now seems to be "trick" is just term scientists use when they mean something clever".
These people have no shame.

Kirly said...

Jason - thanks. i'll check out your site and probably end up linking in my sidebar this weekend.

KG - yes, i saw that. being an engineer myself, aka an applied scientist, i can tell you that using any "trick" or method or strategy to HIDE the truth is most inappropriate! however, i can tell you that it's very widespread on projects that involve government funding. it's insidious. the truth tellers are denigrated as stupid, dismissed as hot headed or high strung cranks. the decent people learn quickly that the only way to make a living is to shut up and do the best job they can in their small corner of the work. it's criminal.

Anonymous said...

Tricks also being counterfeit such
as bolts used instead the real mccoy bringing about destruction, and death.
And of course this counterfeit is all
about population control, and global power.