Saturday, November 07, 2009

AARP Solicitation Days

Well, isn't it interesting that AARP sent out a mass mailing soliciting membership just a few days before they announced their support for PORCare (POR=Pelosi, Obama, Reid and poor is what we'll all be if it's ever enacted). Just trying to sucker in as many as possible before the it hits the fan.

Nevermind that I'm not even in their target age group.


Anonymous said...

Let's see what can be stuffed into that envelope when it shows up.
Say no to socialized medicine.
Do not sign up, go on strike.
RECALL elections NOW.

Kirly said...

If they ever do send anything via USMail, you can bet they'll get a return message on their own postage too. I'll just whip out my big black sharpie that i use to respond to all those political solicitations.