Sunday, October 25, 2009

Afghanis burn effigy of US President OBAMA!

Don't hear about THAT in your lame stream media, now do you??!!!!

And why are the barbarians rioting? Because of a rumor that someone burnt a koran. And these barbarian rioters were University students. Sheesh, why bother?


Anonymous said...

I have an old friend who fought with special forces from WWII to Panama. He doesn't like the new asymetric warfare concepts. He says the best way is to kill the enemy wholesale, with little thought to collateral damage, until no one is left that wants to fight. His experience is that if you wreak enough carnage you don't 'breed more insurgents', you instill a visceral fear that gets passed on for generations. And fighters that hide among the populace are hated when that populace starts dying in large numbers. As much or more so than those who drop the bombs.
An ancient lesson that seems to have no place any longer in modern 'civilized warfare'. But one that would work ever so well with 7th century mindsets.

Thanks for the listing.
It feels like making it off the Titanic.

Kirly said...

Poteen, your friend in SF is right. "breeding more insurgents" is an excuse. everyone knows the efficacy of hitting back so hard that it's remembered for 100 years. This mamby pamby method of fighting a war is just a slower way to lose.