Monday, November 02, 2009

Kiss the best health care in the world goodbye

If you live someplace like Canada and need an MRI or a CT Scan, the government health system will make you wait 6 months, a private clinic 1 month, but the veterinarian will get your pet in the next day. Doesn't that make you wonder why Veterinarians are covered under the PORcare (Pelosi-Obama-Reid healthcare) bill. I know why they're covered. In the event Americans start going to their Veterinarians for CT Scans and MRIs and Ultrasounds, the government can stop you.

Those of you who voted for Obama, or who sat on your hands and refused to vote because the other candidate was imperfect in some way, or those of you who insist that "the public option is dead" or "it can't pass" (you especially you snakes in the grass telling the rest of us not to fight) ... Well, you know what they say, a people (collectively) will get the government they deserve. Unfortunately, the rest of us will get the government and the health care YOU deserve.

But, at least my cat will still have the best health care in the world.


wolfie said...

Good video!
The comparison to veterinary care is telling, isn't it? After a few years of Obamacare, I'm going to want to be a real wolf.

Kirly said...

Yes indeed wolfie. This is all about control. Control your access to medical care, control your life. They remember that doctors and veterinarians were one and the same when this country was primarily agrarian and before the advent of mechanized farming. Hell, pelosi and reid are old enough to remember that themselves - could of commie dinosaurs!