Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama Science Czar John Holdren directly involved in Climategate

From Canada Free Press

Obama Science Czar John Holdren is directly involved in CRU’s unfolding Climategate scandal. In fact, according to files released by a CEU hacker or whistleblower, Holdren is involved in what Canada Free Press (CFP) columnist Canadian climatologist Dr. Tim Ball terms “a truculent and nasty manner that provides a brief demonstration of his lack of understanding, commitment on faith and willingness to ridicule and bully people”.

Read it all. This was NEVER about climate change, never about controlling/reducing global warming, never about saving the planet or it's population. You can KNOW this by noting that NOTHING proposed would ever have changed anything!

This is a $7 Billion industry in the USA. They will not go down without a fight. They are desperate to save their careers and reputations. They attempted to commit fraud on a global scale unprecedented in human history. They deserve no mercy.

If you do not read WattsUpWithThat, I suggest you begin to do follow it regularly.


MK said...

Does surprise me on bit, given obama's links to all sorts of scumbags.

Kirly said...

you meant "doesn't surprise you a bit", right?

I'm beyond being shocked at Obamas commie/socialist/marxist associates. Thanks mostly to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and blogs like New Zeal.