Thursday, November 26, 2009

Biggest Pro-Censorship Ass-Hat Award

A well deserved award... The Infidel Blogger Awards

8) Biggest Pro-Censorship Ass-Hat*

In a surprise, and shamelessly biased decision the Judge (that's me) decided to eclare two winners in this category.

The Voters have spoken and CJ of LGF was the category winner by virtue of an overwhelming majority of the popular vote. Bravo Charles! I judge a man by his friends too.

However, finishing a close second and in recognition of the contribution made to the success of these awards by Jennifer Lynch I feel it my rightful duty to declare The Canadian Human Rights Commission co-winner in the Biggest Pro-Censorship Ass-Hat category. Short may you reign.


pat said...

LOL. Happy TG, Kirly.

Kirly said...

pat, when a big fat asshat like CFnJ gets his JUST DESERTS, it's a beautiful thing!


MK said...

The Canadian HRC is more deserving i think, they're actually suing someone into submission. Unless off course LGF is doing the same thing or something.