Friday, September 24, 2010

What Sheriff Babeu Really Said, El Salvadoran Consul

Here him repeat it for yourself here.

The idiots who put up the sign deliberately misrepresenting what he said are demanding a meeting with him, with the government of El Salvador, etc.  They are attention whores.  They must have taken lessons from Cindy Sheehan.  Sheriff Babeu refers to them as left wing and wackos and suggests a lawsuit - all on the audio at the link.

Why El Salvadore?  Because those leftwing whackjobs with the billboard put a picture of an El Salvadoran family on their billboard.  A family who are in this country legally!

Did you know that El Salvadore was the only Latin American country to send troops to fight alongside US and Coalition troops after 911?

El Salvadoran  Consul Enrique Melendez also says, on that audio, that Sheriff Babeu and Sheriff Arpaio are doing a great job.

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