Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Is Arizona, Grand Canyon State

I love Arizona!  Those of you who have never visited this beautiful state should know that fall and winter are great times to visit.  The weather is beginning to cool down right now and outdoor activities are comfortable and photo-worthy.  I took this amazing sunset photo from my own backyard!  Come on down.  The weather is fabulous!

And I took this about a mile from my home.

Grand Canyon Flyover

I love the Grand Canyon. I still have the same experience every time I see it as I had the first time. It's so big that it doesn't seem real. From the rim it seems flat, like an enormous painting. I couldn't get it to look three dimensional until I went down inside it a way.

A Grand Canyon Time Lapse

The Grand Canyon Skywalk.

There is some dispute over the music on that.  Is it native American or native Norwegian?

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