Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fox News Gives Oracle, AZ Attention Whores a Microphone

Lying scum attention whore in Oracle,AZ who put up a billbard deliberately misrepresenting what Pinal County Sheriff Babue said, and who used a photograph of an El Salvadoran family without their permission implying they were illegal aliens, and calling for a "dialog" on the topic of illegal immigration succeeds - Fox News put this idiot on the air just now and allowed him to talk OVER Sheriff Babue and LIE about how he just wanted to start a dialog.  Mr. Peirson, are you deaf?  Illegal immigration is the primary topic in Arizona and has been for nearly 6 months since the Governor signed SB 1070.

This arrogant jerk sat there and calmly LIED about everything.  He was not the least bit apologetic about using a photograph (without permission) of a legal immigrant El Salvadoran family nor lying about what Sheriff Babeu said.  He ignored calls to remove the billboard from Sheriff Babue, from the El Salvadoran Consul, and from the family themselves.

He actually had the nerve to pull a Cindy Sheehan and say "will you meet with me Sheriff Babue and talk this out".  Are you kidding me???  Just call the Sheriff's office and ask!  Don't act as if you have been refused a "dialog" when you never even asked!

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