Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Human rights groups ask Obama to end police immigrant checks

From The Arizona Daily Star says all the usual commies are asking the 0bama admin to stop all immigrant checks except, of course, by federal law enforcement officials.  Nice trick that.  Considering how few federal law enforcement officials there aretually are.  This is just another attempt to pre-empty SB 1070 and other laws like it.  Another open-borders movement. 
LOS ANGELES - Hundreds of human rights groups are asking the Obama administration to end programs that allow local police to check the immigration status of arrestees.
A letter to the president Wednesday says it encourages racial profiling and calls it a dangerous merger of the federal immigration enforcement system with state criminal justice systems.
The letter is signed by the AFL-CIO and a broad range of criminal justice, peace, religious, ethnic and immigrant rights groups around the country, including the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Immigration and Customs Enforcement is expanding a program that permits local police officers to run arrestees' names through a Department of Homeland Security database.
An e-mail to Homeland Security seeking comment wasn't immediately returned.

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