Saturday, September 06, 2008

Where is Mr. Palin?

The other day I heard an allegation that the media is cropping Mr. Todd Palin out of photos of his wife, Sarah Palin, VP candidate on the Repulican ticket. And I know why (more on that later). While the allegation did not surprise me, I doubted that it was true at the time. So I went looking for photos with both Mr. & Mrs. Palin. I was actually quite surprised by the lack of recent photos which included Todd Palin. The majority of those found that do include Alaska's first dude are at Zimbio.

Now, why would the leftie dominated lame stream media want to avoid pictures of Todd Palin? Well, have you seen the man? He's a stud-muffin! Hunkorama! They're afraid that their shallow women would jump on the McCain-Palin ship! LOL

So, my advice to the McCain-Palin campaign is get that man out there! Let them hear how he loves his wife and children; how he chose to stay home and take a more active role in raising those children when his wife became Governor of Alaska; how he is a four time snowmachine champion (did i mention the man's a stud??!!).
Sarah Palin is everywoman. And Todd Palin is everyman! They are the quintessential American couple with the a perfectly typical family including challenges that 600,000 families face every year in this country (teen pregnancy). The Demos think these things mean we won't vote for McCain-Palin. The reality is that we are far more likely to vote McCain-Palin knowing that the Palin family is so much like the rest of us.

Update Monday September 9, 2008 - At the end of the first hour of the Laura Ingraham show, Laura was quoting what a friend of hers said and it was (paraphrasing), "there's all this talk about how good looking Sarah Palin is. ... Todd Palin is hot!"

LOL! Kirls was ahead of the curve 'cuz I was at work at 5:30am Thursday after Sarah's speech at the RNC going on about what a real man's man Todd Palin is. Again, get that man out there in front of those loonie leftie liberal / socialist women! They won't be able to resist!

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Anonymous said...

He is eye candy, that's for sure.

A man's man and a woman's woman. Ain't it grand?

No metrosexuals in that family!


Virginia Shanahan
Conservative Politics Today