Tuesday, September 23, 2008

McCain leads Obama in Ohio and Florida

McCain-Palin takes the lead in Ohio:

McCain raises more money than Obama and takes the lead in Florida:

And here's something you won't hear about in the Old Lame Stream Media. According to Rasmussen, McCain has led in 9 of 11 polls conducted this year! This article goes on to say:
Both nationally and in Florida, polling suggests the race for the White House today is very similar to the final results for Election 2004. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows McCain with a very modest lead nationally, and his five-point edge in Florida matches President Bush’s margin of victory in the state four years ago.

The GOP nominee has a solid 56% to 40% edge among unaffiliated voters in the Sunshine State. He also leads 53% to 44% among men and 51% to 47% among women.

Voters trust McCain more than his opponent by a 52% to 43% margin. However, while over a third (34%) says they would be extremely comfortable with Obama as president, just 28% say that of McCain. Still, more voters (45%) are not at all comfortable with Obama in the White House as opposed to just 34% who feel that way about the Republican.

As for their running mates, 29% say they would be extremely comfortable with Democrat Joseph Biden as vice president, and 32% say that of Republican Sarah Palin. While 42% say they would not be at all comfortable with Palin as vice president, 45% say that of Biden.

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