Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Racist, Supremacist, Anti-Semetic, Seditionist, Seperatist, Seccessionist Homophobe endorses Barack Obama!!!

Armando Navarro, racist bigot UC Riverside professor who advocates for the hostile and violent takeover of the Southwestern United States in order to return it to Mexico, endorses Obama!

Citizens of California, you are paying the salary of this racist professor at the University of California Riverside What are you thinking?? "His areas of teaching specialization include Mexicano/Latino politics, social movements, American politics, and contemporary issues." Social Movements is code for communism / marxism! UCR, fire this racist!

This seccessionist even met with Venezuelan thug-in-chief Hugo Chavez earlier this year in an effort to obtain Venezuelan support for U.S immigration reform. Not sure how he thinks Venezuela could possibly influence immigration laws in the USA.

New West Side Economic Development, A community development agency in Denver, awarded him Civil Rights Award. “The Cinco de Mayo Civil Rights Awards offer thanks to those who have tirelessly served the cause of civil rights,” said LeRoy Lemos, director of the event. He said Prof. Navarro stood out because he builds a bridge between theory and practice, and he helped organize recent demonstrations demanding justice for undocumented immigrants. Oh, he's another community organizer.

I hope Obama is proud of his endorsements from racist freaks the world over... Qahdafi, Hugo Chavez, Armando Navarro along with the leaders of Iran and Syria.

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