Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update on Todd Palin

The pundits are finally catching on!

I heard an ad on FoxNews that Greta will be doing a two parter on Todd Palin Monday and Tuesday. Gee, do you think she's one of my three readers???

Tom Purcell at The Cable Post seems to get it too!

Palin's husband is also what feminists have been asking for. He works part time to support her career and nurture the kids -- yet he's masculine and self-assured (Alaskans call him the "First Dude.")

There's a bunch of other stuff in that article about Todd's wife Sarah too (LOL!) and how feminazis have suddenly changed their tune about what a woman can and can't do. Be sure to check out the Hockey Mom to the Rescue at the bottom of that article! Perfect!

Anyway, SEE? I told ya!
Todd Palin is a stud muffin! Get him out there in front of the shallow liberal women voters. One wiff of all that testosterone and they'll swoon, forget all about that Marxist BarryHO, and vote for McCain/Palin!

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