Sunday, September 28, 2008

Update: AOL poll McCain 61%

The Old Lame Stream Media is trying to say that John McCain lost the debate. Riiiiiiiiight.

Also, Independents say McCain won 43 to 34 percent.


Grace Explosion said...

Thanks Kirly, for the update.

I'm a Bible-believing Christian, Conservative, too.

I was moderate on some fronts - I just really had some belief that liberals were good intentioned people somehow. Well, their good intentions are leading us to the wrong destination, I see!!

I started reading some current things like how Congress dealt with Raines when regulators reported to Congress years ago that Fannie/Freddie needed greater regulation and it was a troubling situaiton - and they didn't deal with it.

Plus, I've seen Obama from the oh so far left.

The left seems to me to be very insincere and corrupt. I can no longer be "independent". For the safety of America, I have to work for the Republicans. The Democrats, to me, have become downright dangerous in putting forth a radical left socialist communist like Obama as a candidate, etc.

I'm actively volunteering for the McCain/Palin ticket here in Michigan.

Your poll figures were encouraging!!

Thank you!!

Kirly said...

Thanks Grace,

I totally understand what you're saying. I too used to think it was just a difference of methods and opinions with the left. But, that was a long time ago for me.

Talk radio had audio today of the dems saying that everything was fine with fannie and freddie back wehn the republicans started calling for reform and oversight. and now the dems attempt to steal that issue. oversight! ha! over their friends who were getting rich off the lack of oversight.

and pelosi today was just downright evil. first they scream that McCain has to get back to DC. Upon his return they scream that he disrupted an agreement (which didn't even exist).

it's maddening!