Sunday, September 21, 2008

60,000 people attend Sarah Palin rally!

That's right, while only twenty thousand people showed up to see the Marxist at the top of the Democrat ticket, sixty thousand showed up to see the Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin!

And this in a community of only seventy-five thousand!
Palin T-shirts, buttons and hats - most of them making reference to lipstick, pit bulls, hockey or some combination of those elements - were everywhere. There were also people wearing McCain items, but usually with Palin's name on them somewhere.

Deborah Abriola came from Orlando and wore a button that said "Don't Let The Lipstick Fool You - Pitbulls for McCain-Palin" because she said she feels kinship with Palin as a fellow "lipstick mom."

...Abriola described herself as a conservative Democrat who sees Palin as a role model for mothers.

Her friend, Cheryl LeDuc, said she's a Republican but wants to see a shakeup in the GOP. She said Palin "is conservative and she's going to clean up Washington, including the Republicans."
The phenomenon that is Sarah Palin is taking this country by storm! Not that you'll hear that in the Old Lame Stream Media!

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