Friday, May 01, 2009

Weapons Grade Crazy!

The Religion of Peace . com has pusblished their Dhimwit of the Month honor and it is non other than the crazy guy running littlegreenfootballs! A few select quotes:

LGF has always had the look and feel of someone trying just a little too hard to be the coolest smart guy in the room. The music video posts and alleged mountain-bike exploits blend with the exaggerated moralizing and mind-numbing philosophical excerpts about as naturally as a ponytail perched on top of a middle-aged face and gut. (Something tells us that chilling with Charles might be about as fun as, say, tying one on with Ross Perot.

Still, no one could have anticipated Johnson getting so worked up over a petty grievance that he would betray courageous allies who already have a hard enough time battling Islamic violence and tyranny in an age of politically correctness.

Johnson's strange tale of paranoia and rage is probably best told by others. What we will say is that his once-promising blog is, today, little more than a narcissistic venue for pursuing personal vendettas and promoting rigid viewpoints on a narrow range of issues. At one time, LGF was an advocate of free speech and a reliable opponent of Islamic totalitarianism. Now Johnson literally bans opposing viewpoints and spends much of his time smearing anti-Jihadis and “creationists” with the same shady tactics once used against him.


As a result of this "Green Purge," the former flagship of the New Media, has all but officially devolved into a redundant monologue that exists mainly as a shifting monument to the editor’s perceived ethical superiority


So our message to Charles Johnson is… Good god, man – what are you doing? Being used by the likes of CAIR? Sinking to the clownish level of a Garofalo or Olbermann? Implying that Jewish Pam Geller is a neo-Nazi sympathizer and affable Robert Spencer is about to pull out a nine and throw down on you.

Forget him. He's just returning to his loooonatic roots. Who needs him? Other than as comic relief?

Yes, Charles, I'm laughing at you, ya big idiot!


USS Ben USN (Ret) said...

Dhimwit of the Month is a fitting reward for Queeg and his echo chamber.

"Johnson's strange tale of paranoia and rage is probably best told by others. What we will say is that his once-promising blog is, today, little more than a narcissistic venue for pursuing personal vendettas and promoting rigid viewpoints on a narrow range of issues."

Well said, Kirly!
I concur. Queeg just can't agree to disagree anymore, and his sources to demonize whom he disagrees with, such as the SPLC (southern law poverty center) are hotbeds of far leftwing propaganda. Yeah, I sure trust them...not.

KG said...

Much as LGF irritates the hell out of me, I have to admit to banning leftards and militant atheists from my blog so I can't criticise too much!
We have a notice running across the top of our comments box which says "this is not a platform for lefty idiots" and really, that's the point--since the MSM is effectively a mouthpiece for the left I don't feel any obligation to provide them with a platform.
We're not interested in their opinions, having had them rammed down our throats from all directions for years now.
Love your blog, Kirly!

Kirly said...

Hi KG. Thanks for visiting! And for the nice compliment regarding my little blogspot.

I LOVE the phrase at the top of your comments box about it not be a platform for lefty idiots!

If you knew some of the comments that had been deleted and then the poster banned you might be a bit more critical. BUT, that doesn't matter. we can agree to disagree and not ban each other! LOL. i do hope you'll stop by our chat some time!

Anonymous said...

Charles Johnson at little green footballs is outing people by name. Everyone needs to know that.

It is rumored he is behind a service called Peek You, and he is definitely using that to unmask people who have been his loyal readers, people who he has since banned.

Kirly said...

That is an outrage! vindictive little shit! he doesn't want us on his site but he can't leave us alone to form our own community. The Crazy Guy @ lgf is a sick control freak! said...

But who is left? 10 or twelve sock puppets talking to themselves. CJ's misleading and obviously fake traffic count (google has him down over 10,000 places in just a year, yet CJ's traffic counter shows him at a level even larger than when he was up those places), and some very strange allies who pretend to admire him while actually cheering his descent into obscurity.Sane comments are deleted (sometimes every link or post ,heh,heh), trite, embarrassing, worshiping utterances allowed to stand.
LGF has everyone from psychologists to internet historians analyzing the site as if it were a OT VIII Scientology meeting. The remaining cases there will have to assume new nics or get off the net altogether. Blog comic books on them are best sellers.

zuckerlilly said...

Please add "zuckerlilly" to your list. Not only banned but also IP blocked. For what reason ever, no one knows.

Kirly said...

hello zuckerlilly and welcome! I rarely make updates anymore because i get so few but you're on the list to be added when i do make updates. join us in chat ( sometime or at