Friday, May 15, 2009

750 Insidious Bad Apples

We have achieved the milestone of 750 Insidious Bad Apples with the addition of Rides A Pale Horse!

Congratulations on all those who hold a place of honor in the Book of the Banned!

And to those who have abandoned the weapons grade crazy that is lgf.

The Debt Star has a pretty funny post on The Crazy Guys Creepy Obsession.


Moonbat Monitor said...

Hey Thanks for the link. LGF is a bore and a dump now. I actually *requested* that I be banned a while ago. (formerly ed from Ohio @ lgf) I don't give a rat's ass about reading 10 posts per day about Glenn Beck and creationism when crazy muslims want to blow us all up and this totalitarian-lite admin spends us into oblivion. LGF became irrelevant along time ago. The main issue that really bothered me is the fact that this whole pissing match that is going on is doing no one any good, and Charles Johnson is the one that started it, and for no good reason. You don't pick fights with other bloggers that you agree with on major issues the vast majority of the time. Unless you're a damn idiot. The guy started coming across as very arrogant too. I haven't been there in a while, but I've heard all that's left is a small but loyal army of CJ asskissers. There's zero room for dissenting opinion. I honestly wonder what caused that guy to lose his mind. Anyways, if you want to blogroll me let me know, I'd be glad to do the same.


Kirly said...

MM - You are already an honored member listed in The Book of the Banned! Join us in chat sometime if you wish. (link is the picture of the dust storm). btw, your description of that cesspool is spot on!

Your blog is one of those that I follow now in my blogger dashboard.

Keep in touch my new friend!

Moonbat Monitor said...