Sunday, May 17, 2009

Don't Waste Your Time

Threats, intimidation, allegations of guilt by association. CF’nJ and his minions are out in force, it seems.

I have the same message for all of you that I had for CFn’J.

Do not waste your effort attempting to tell me to remove information from my blog, to stop linking to other blogs which you don’t approve of. Everyone has the right of free speech in my home country. And you can be damn sure you and your weapons grade crazy egomaniacal desire to control anything and everything said on the internet, will not affect what I print here.


Unknown said...

And a hat tip and a cheer to you kirly. You are right to stand your ground. It's your blog!

Kirly said...

Thanks Nan.

And I will continue until such time as the law of the land is altered and it's no longer legal for me to do so. And even then, I will continue as a protest.

Rose said...

I link to alot of other blogs, for a variety of reasons. Some because I like 'em, some because I know them, some because they are relevant or related to mine, and sometimes they are quite opposite my beliefs.

Some I link to because it is good to know what the 'bad guys' are up to. In no way does a link necessarily imply approval. Usually it means they are interesting or informative.

Nor do I know who all of the people I link to are associated with, affiliated with, nor do I 'investigate' who they link to.

Some of them have great blog lists, like neoneocon, and through their links you often find great new blogs, opinions and friends.

I will NEVER understand LGFJohnson's fixation with other people's blog links. Nor his banning of people for said links.

It borders on the absurd. But if they're trying to tell you who you can link to NOW, it's something else entirely.

Rides A Pale Horse said...

In the words of the immortal "Icarus"

"Get your own blog" did....

2-4-6-8-Who do we appreciate?

KIRLY!!!!!!! YAY!!!


Kirly said...

Roses, they are control freaks! They threw me out and now try to control me from afar! I'm expected to guess how many degrees of seperation they approve of. And if they change that from 2 to 3 to 6? What then?

raph - aw, thanks!

m said...

Hey Kirly!

Who did they try to get you to delink?

Kirly said...

hey m,

someone wanted me to stop linking to Crusader-Rabbit blogspot.

m said...

That's pretty messed up. They miss the whole point of "get your own blog".

You did! And it's yours! Imagine that.