Saturday, May 09, 2009

Abandoned LGF?

Our Book of the Banned has been such a success with over 700 800 Insidious Bad Apples (h/t Zimriel, LGF suckup extraordinaire who is now himself banned!). Thanks to everyone who contributed so far and do keep the information flowing in!

But now, how about a Book of the Abandoned? Those who turned their back on The Crazy Guy @ LGF and his psychophant minions (sic)? If you've noticed the Weapons Grade Crazy there and decided it wasn't worth your time, comment here or email your nic for my new Book of the Abandoned! You too deserve an honorific! Welcome!

Oh, and join us in the chat (permanent entry portal is the haboob at the top right of this blog homepage).

We have our first, first member of the Book of Abandoned with Sharku. Look for updates here!

Updates coming in! We now have over 800 Insidious Bad Apples and here is our growing book of the Abandoned:

African Moonbat


LEGION said...

I've tried to get banned- so far no luck- so please add me to abandoned. Anyway I don't want to be placed between the peace sissy and the lesbo name on the banned list so on Abandoned will be great.

Richard L. Kent, Esq. (rkentesqva at said...

Arkay (Richard L. Kent, Esq.)

Anonymous said...

I've abandoned LGF after being there for many years because I am sick of wasting my time on Creationism, fossils, Glenn Beck, anti-Pam Geller rantings, alleged Nazis, jazz sessions, and the Stalinist owner of the blog.

Kirly said...

Anonymous - I'd be happy to add your nic to the list of the Abandoned if you wish to share it with me.

Your sentiments are understandable and shared by many.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirls,
I hung out on LGF for years -- found it sometime in 2002. Hit the tip jar, thanked Charles. When he posted a rant against James Dobson for even hinting at a third party in 2007, I picked up on the anti-Christian vibe (despite all of his denials). Like many others, it was the anti-creationism screeds that drove me away -- I was sad and checked back every couple of months to see if he had gotten over it. I probably hadn't even looked for the past 9 months or so, but went back before writing this so I could be fair and current in my assessment. One commenter stated that "you can't pick and choose what you believe from the Bible." That guy was jumped on with all the vitriol that used to be on tap for holocaust deniers, BDS'rs (back in the day, before we all were), Code Pink/MoveOn lunatics, etc. It was sad.
So, count me among the self-banned.


Kirly said...

welcome whosoever! i've added your nic to the abandaoned list.

Very honorable of you to go over and double check before making a conclusion.

Anonymous said...


Count me as an abandonista. I'm a regular at AoSHQ's animal house and the irreverant humor of us Morons keeps me sane in these times. Ace has to spank us now and then when we wreck the furniture and clog the toilets, but it beats the s--- out of the grim conformity enforced at Chuck's Church of Scienceology. I only occasionally check his blog to watch the train wreck and gather parody material.

African Moondog said...

African Moonbat,

Abandoned the place with great sadness and anger at the deliberate destruction of a once great blog! Happily at LGF2

Serr8d said...

I signed up at LGF last December ('08) for the first time (a Thursday I think) and came back that Saturday to comment on a post on, naturally, ID. I got into a flurry of argumentative comments with Charles and a couple sycophants. I learned the 'ding' game; I down-dinged Charles and Sharmuta, among others. Then I left, for good.

I signed back in a week later for 1 second (to make sure I hadn't been banned); but haven't tried to sign back in since. I'm pretty sure I'm banned, since I've commented around the 'sphere, negatively, on Charles Johnson's strangeyness (including at Protein Wisdom, another place CJ frowns down upon). I've posted a couple times as well.

I think I didn't get banned on that first day because CJ visited my blog and noted my photoshopping ability. He prolly didn't want to be pshopped peering out from Goatse (which might still happen one day; that, or the Captain Queeg meme... )

Anonymous said...

Charles is becoming increasingly Mohammedesque.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen No_Submission in the longest time and I am assuming that he/she has abandoned the joint.

Anonymous said...

Please change NYCHardhard to NYCHardhat. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Many of us have said that Charles Johnson would wait for the right time to throw Israel under the bus but that he would do sounder the guise of "right wing" extremists in the government. Well today he had a thread attacking Avigdor Lieberman.

70 Charles 8/03/09 5:17:02 pm reply quote

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* down
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re: #66 ISraelite

What’s Far Right about Lieberman? I mean, of course the lefty media attaches this tag on him every time, but why do you, specifically?

Avigdor Lieberman has been associated with the Kach movement of Meir Kahane, for one thing.

Anonymous said...

the_thermonuclear_pickle got banned last night for daring to disagree with the Lord High Commissioner about Climate Change.

Kirly said...

thanks for the info!

hey the_thermonuclear_pickle! if you're out there! join us! we welcome the bannees! join us in our own new chat (no monitors!) - click on the dust storm pic at the top of my blog!

Anonymous said...

apachegunner was banned last week.

Anonymous said...

"quiet man" got sent to Siberia by the blood thirsty Vlad the Impaler of the Internet.

421 Charles 8/17/09 8:52:09 am reply quote

* 7
* down
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By the way, after he posted a blatantly bigoted comment, I banned “quiet man” this weekend. He has just emailed to tell me how much he hates me, and that he’s going to be “exposing” me at the stalker site now.

And ends his stupid hate mail with “bless your heart.”

Anonymous said...

"Carl in Jerusalem" and "Noam Chumpski" and "Noam Chumpski" got thrown under the bus.

not neo just conservative said...

Hi guys,

Lot's of old friends around here.

By the way, you need to fix my nic. You've got "Conservative" as "Conserviative"

Anonymous said...

I walked away at the end of 2008. I just couldn't take the crazy anymore. Multiple creation threads? Not only unimportant in the great scheme of things, but incredibly boring, and boring is no way to run a blog. Knocking Robert Spencer? That was pretty much it for me. Mr. Spencer has forgotten more knowledge of islam than selrahC ever bothered to learn. Plus the blog was becoming a chat room, which is why I could never understand the need for a Lizard Lounge as it was a major redundancy.


Anonymous said...

Charles Johnson is a huge fan of LGF2 and monitors it constantly as does Sharmuta, American Sabra, Killgore Trout, iceweasel, Jimmah, and Irish Rose.
Btw NY Nana used to take a lot of pot shots at LGF2 so I wonder how she likes it now being banned?

Anonymous said...

Keep on counting. I was banned at LGF months ago. Of course I disagreed with Charles. Had been there for years and don't think I had ever had a response from the King Lizard...until then. I was banned and you don't know it until you go to comment again. And he deletes everything you said in that thread as soon as you're banned. Heck, he may scrub his whole site of your comments from all I know. Site is the complete opposite of what it once was......

Anonymous said...

oops, I used the name Whippet at LGF.

Anonymous said...

You'll have several more banned Lizards after tonight...I believe another small wave of purges has never seems to end!


Anonymous said...

Mars Needs Neocons. Walked out. Just overly unpleasant, too much sucking up to Obama, too much global warming nonsense. Too much groupthink.

Anonymous said...

Gymnast and his mentor and favorite moderate Dem politician, his Man, The Reverend Al, done be account deleted and long gone from Little Green Fumbles

MikalM said...

Did my last comment get through?

If not, here's the short version: Add "Class of '04" member MikalM to the Banned list. The Zombie episode was the last straw for me. Chazz really seems to have lost it.

Earth2moonbat said...

Egad, the particles are conspiring to steal his strawberries.

Add to your list:

Free radical
Random electron

Man, when the electrons start revolting, Capt. Quantum must be kind of quarky...

Anonymous said...

Remove Dark_Falcon from the list. It has been reinstated.