Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh, no you did not just dis the Andy Griffith show!

The other day The Crazy Guy @ lgf (formerly an anti-jihad website but now just a cesspool of leftism ala daily kos, huffington post, and du) dissed The Andy Griffith Show saying (careful! you might want to copy that shortcut and paste it in your browser as The Crazy Guy has a nasty habit of redirecting links from those he disapproves of):

That's just pathetic. He wants to go back to the values he saw on the Andy Griffith Show.

Call on the clue phone: that was fiction. Mayberry was not a real place.

The show itself indeed was fiction. The values depicted in the show were standard American values embraced by the vast majority of Americans (and indeed, Westerners in general from the UK to down under) to this day! In fact, if we all held more tightly to those traditional values, we'd have a far more civil society and be better off because of it. No normal person would mock such a picture of middle American. The America they were born into and grew up in. This is an outrage!

Later in the same thread The Crazy Guy says

I'm watching Sean Hannity's show for the first time in a long time -- and noticing the non-stop red/white/blue/stars/flags graphics that run behind him. He's gone full-time jingo.

These statements and others like them are rampant on that website. And they tell you everything you need to know about the change that has taken place there. Traditional values and patriotism are disparaged, mocked, insulted.

Last year it was anyone who believes in The Bible and especially anyone who believes in The Genesis Account of Creation.

Are you next? When will he turn on Israel and Jews in general?

When he throws you under the bus, join us here.

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Colonel Panik said...

Kirls...there is a real Mayberry, Andy Griffith's hometown, Mt. Airy, North Carolina!