Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blocked or Banned by LGF?

I am still receiving updates for the Book of the Banned (permanent link on my sidebar). Keep the information coming folks! The Book of the Banned includes those whose accounts are "blocked" since there is no effective difference - you can't log in and post so you're effectively bannished. Embrace it! Wear it like a badge of honor like the nearly 800 other Insidious Bad Apples.

GoddessOfTheClassroom walked away from LGF the other day and started posting on the alternate site, lgf2 (i saw her there but recieved email from her asking to be added to our list). She was immediately attacked and villified by her former "friends" as we all have been. The Crazy Guy who turned dramatically left in the last couple of years drove her out similar to the way in which he drove me and hundreds of others out - with his anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-Conservative agenda. He mocks you with his sarcastic "wit" if you disagree. Those who remain, that is your future if you ever disagree with that left wing egomaniac and his desire to control all that appears not just on his own website, but yours and mine as well. Join us! Abandon LGF now! Embrace free speech!

Join us in our new chat! Permanent link under the haboob (duststorm) at the top of my sidebar.


Grace Explosion said...

I haven't been banned. I heard about him on other blogs - so have never visited his blog.

I stand with you. I, without really trying - just by aversion on the basis of the feedback of others, am boycotting his blog. Guess I'm "self-banned" from his blog - because I avoid it. :)


Kirly said...

welcome Grace! join us in chat if you like!

The Albatross said...

Thanks for keeping a record of all the people behind the nics Kirly... I'm glad you stepped up to keep a tally of those who fail to lock step with "group think".

The Albatross said...

Such a long list Kirly... I'm glad you stepped up to keep a tally of all those people behind the nics who either failed to be silent about the topic for which they were banned, or their refusal to be silent and give over to "group think".

Your running account of the banned serves as a reality check for the participants of 1.0

Kirly said...

Thanks Albatross. It's just a list of possible friends that might be looking for a new commenting home. I hope they all find us.

It is also as you say, a reality check for those at lgf who think that they are "safe". They're only "safe" from bannage and bootage until that weapons grade crazy guy lurches to the left some more.