Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The truth is beginning to surface about Miss California

It seems she declined to take part in a PSA that has been in the works for quite some time and which is being produced by the pageant.

There's a snippet of this over at Fox News but I just heard on the radio that at least one of the judges was/is a producer of the PSA. Now, if you refuse to be in a PSA produced by one of the judges, might that judge not want you to win?

The truth will continue to dribble out but we'll have to really dig for it because the Lame Stream Media won't share it with us.

Note: Yes, this blog is about more than blog craziness - but, please keep the information flowing!


Rose said...

Leftist activist will take anything and use it to accomplish their agenda. They will take it and twist it and corrupt it and use it for headlines. They thrive on ugly controversy.

Donald Trump did the right thing the other day, but he made one mistake, he said he would allow Perez Hilton back.

If he does the creature should be muzzled.

And he should guard against those who would use his pageant for their own aims. No matter what it is.

Kirly said...

Perez Hilton should NOT be allowed back as a judge. He knew Miss CA was a Christian and aksed that politically loaded, divisive question of her specifically to get an answer he could then ride into the media.