Sunday, October 11, 2009

Like Starbucks?

Like Starbucks? Ever attended a Townhall meeting? Then you should know that the corporate officials who approve which commercials to air, think you're stupid if you attend .

I'm done with Starbucks. They need to apologize in a big, public way.

In fact, this entire commercial seems to indicate that if you're too stupid to tell the difference between their brewed coffee and their new instant, then have they got the coffee for you!


ladycatnip said...

Hi Kirly!

Totally agree with you - this 'townhall' spot is a huge slam on the American public who refuse to go quietly into that good night.

Legion said...

Dunkin Donuts, McD's, everybody is kicking their butts- I hope they go out of business.

Rancher said...

Wait till the food police go after espresso.

ladycatnip said...

Rancher -

Any moment now Obama will appoint a Food and Beverage Czar.