Saturday, October 24, 2009

United 93 Memorial points within 3 degrees of mecca

This is an outrage! Basically, they are building the worlds largest mosque on the site of the crash of Flight 93.


6p0120a6126048970c said...

I thought this was undone a couple years back because of the uproar made by Deb Burlinggame.(sp?) Iguess not. I also guess I won't go to see it.

Btw, add me to the list Kirls/Hyphen. I have been banished from the Green Camelot of Salamanders.


Kirly said...

Changes were promised after the uproar. as you can see, it's all a matter of a few degrees one direction or the other off the alignment with the satanic city of mekkka. it was all just a delay hoping that we'd not notice the "new" plans. bastages.