Friday, October 02, 2009

Chicago eliminated!

Chicago eliminated from 2016 Olympic bid in FIRST ROUND!

Finally, someone tells The Won, NO!

May Valerie Jarret now be forced to clean up her slums.


gecko said...

Great to see, wasn't it!

Anonymous said...

Jarret would never dirty her hands.
Of course her hands are already dirty
right along with her mind and soul.
Chicago = Fail!


Earth2moonbat said...

Hubris done him in.

Anonymous said...

The president went over to Denmark in order to schmooze the IOC for this deal. IMO, he should have been travelling to vists and commiserate with those victims of natural disaster in Am. Samoa. Let the Ambassador to Denmark do the smooth talking, if any was ever required, for this insignificant non-story.


keefe said...

And I extend my sympathies to whoever pays taxes in Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Does that make the IOC racist?