Tuesday, November 02, 2010


If you don't vote, then don't complain!

Get out there and vote!  I'll be going to the polls right when they open.

I posted how I intended to vote the other day.  Read it here.  Pretty much straight Republican but I'm writing in Ian Gilyeat for Senate and for the Deer Valley School Board, I'm voting for Mike Gregoire and Christy Agosta because Kelly Gorman must not be on the board due to his statement that Charter and private schools are "threat to district enrollment".  Competition should be an incentive to make your school district better and not seen as a threat.
For the judicial nominees, see this website.

A quick recap of the propositions:
106 - YES = Can't be forced to purchase health insurance
107 - YES = End racial discrmination
109 - YES = Hunting, fishing, harvesting wildlife will be a Constitutional Right
110 - NO = More power to the state government and less to the people relating to state trust land deals
111 - YES = Changes name of Secretary of State to Lieutenant Governor and must run on same ticket as Governor
112 - NO = Initiative filing deadline stays at 4 months
113 - YES = Secret ballots in elections for employee representation (ie, this is the no union thug can demand to see your ballot and then demand an explanation on how you voted)
203 - NO = medical marijuana will not be legalized
301 - YES = transfers the balance of money in the land conservation fund to the state general fund
302 - YES = terminates programs which supplant the responsibilities of parents

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