Friday, November 05, 2010

Mexico 2010 Drug War Casualties: 10,000 to date

You read that right.  Ten thousand people are dead just this year alone in Mexico as a result of the cartels ruthless murder and mayhem.

According to Reforma’s report released on November 4, 2010:

- 45% of the registered deaths this year occurred in two states: Chihuahua registered 2,797 executions and Sinaloa 1,795.

- Following these two states are: Guerrero with 786, Durango with 700, and Tamaulipas with 700 drug related deaths.

- 52 soldiers and 637 police from different jurisdictions have been killed around the nation.

- 276 of the deceased were minors.

- 798 people were tortured prior to death and 326 were decapitated.

- Narco-messages were found in 674 of the total deaths.

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