Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vote 2010 Arizona

How I plan to vote on November 2nd:

US Senator - Ian Gilyaet, a write in candidate.  Because McCain needs to retire (and move to California).  McCain is far too willing to reach across the aisle to Progressives.  He was instrumental in the 2007 push for amnesty and I do not believe that he has really abandoned this stance.  He says he's no longer convinced of human-caused global warming but I don't believe him on that either. The bottom line is that he is not conservative enough.

U.S. Representative in Congress District 3 - Ben Quayle not because he's a fantastic candidate and definitely not because of his father (I do not believe in political royalty) but because he will help get a majority in the House.

Governor - Jan Brewer not because she's ideal but because she's on the right side of 90% of the important issues.  I did not appreciate the tax increase she wanted and campaigned for but it's the only thing I've been unhappy with.

State Senator District 4 - Scott Bundgaard
State Representative District 4 - Jack Harper, Judy Burgess
Secretary of State - Ken Bennet
Attorney General - Tom Horne
State Treasurer - Doug Ducey
Superintendent of Public Instruction - John Huppenthal
State Mine Inspector - Joe Hart
Corporation Commision - Brenda Burns, Gary Pierce

Maricopa County
County Attorney - Bill Montgomery even though I am personally acquainted with the libertarian candidate Michael Kielsky who is very decent fellow.
Clerk of the Superior Court - Michael J. Jeanes
Justice of the Peace North Valley - Gerald A. Williams
Constable North Valley - Philip W. Hazlett

Central Arizona Water Conservation District (see here and here - more tea party people at all levels of government is good for our future):
TC Bundy
Raymond Johnson
Mark Lewis
Cynthia M. Moulton
John A. Rosado

Deer Valley Unified School District Governing Board Member (short statements from each candidate)
Mike Gregoire
Christy Agosta just to ensure that Gorman doesn't get in

I haven't gone through all the judges yet but I will be reviewing the information here and will post soon.

106 - YES = Can't be forced to purchase health insurance
107 - YES = End racial discrmination
109 - YES = Hunting, fishing, harvesting wildlife will be a Constitutional Right
110 - NO  = More power to the state government and less to the people relating to state trust land deals
111 - YES = Changes name of Secretary of State to Lieutenant Governor and must run on same ticket as Governor
112 - NO  = Initiative filing deadline stays at 4 months
113 - YES = Secret ballots in elections for employee representation (ie, this is the no union thug can demand to see your ballot and then demand an explanation on how you voted)
203 - NO  = medical marijuana will not be legalized
301 - YES = transfers the balance of money in the land conservation fund to the state general fund
302 - YES = terminates programs which supplant the responsibilities of parents

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