Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I Voted Today - Now Sending Retirement Cards to Reid and Pelosi

I was at the polling location 15 minutes before it opened. When it did open at 6am, there were at least 30 people waiting to vote. I hope that indicates a strong turnout.

When they handed me the "I voted today" sticker, I asked for a second one and ended up with 2 each of 2 different designs. So, I made good use of them...I used them to seal up retirement cards for Harry and Nancy.  The fact that the postmark will say "Phoenix" is wonderful.  The idea came from Mike Broomhead host of the weekday 4-7pm show on KFYI.

I just heard Rush on his morning update close with "Annoy the bastards today, folks". I'm doing my part!

Yep, that's my writing complete with mistakes and all.

And look!  I cared enough to send the very best!

Chose a nice patriotic stamp.

I used both my "I Voted Today" stickers and added the little flag sticker in the center for good measure.


Anonymous said...

LOL I like your style.

Lisa Gilbert said...

Carol, you're my hero!

1389 said...

Way cool! They DESERVE to be slapped down for the contempt with which they have treated the US Constitution and the US taxpayers and citizenry.

Big Bob said...

Kirly, nice touch to print it by hand. Makes it personal.

I must be greedy I wanted to take the Senate too.

Kirly said...

aw shucks. thanks everyone.

Legion said...

I like it! I will also do- duplication is the sincerest form of flattery. :-)