Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mexican President Calderone on Drug Trafficking and CA Ballot Measure to Legalize Pot

In an article about the success of the Drug War in Tijuana, Mexico, Mexican President Calderone blames American pot heads and other drug users for the increase in drug trafficking and slams California idiotic ballot measure which would legalize pot making the problems worse.  The Cartels will defend their market share increasing the violence on the American side of the border.

I don't agree with Calderon on many things and I don't agree 100% with him on this.  But, he's right that you idiot pot heads and drug users, share the blame for a lot of this.  You have the blood of thousands on your hands.  You are at least partially responsible.

A fence supported by both governments would go a very long way to severely restricting the flow of everything in both directions.  Why isn't it done?

"The reality is that while the United States continues to consume drugs, drug trafficking will not go away," he said. "The surveys on drug use in the United States are truly disappointing. Instead of a reduction, there is an increase."

He was sharply critical of a Nov. 2 ballot measure in California that would legalize possession of small quantities of marijuana and pave the way for local governments to allow retail sales of the drug, saying it reflects a "terrible inconsistency" in U.S. drug policy.

"They have exerted pressure and demanded for decades that Mexico and other countries control, reduce and fight drug trafficking, and there is no discernible effort to reduce the consumption of drugs in the United States," he said.

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