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DHS Memo Proves Cartel Involved in Officer Shooting April 2010

Remember the Pinal County Sheriffs Deupty who was shot in out in the desert while tracking smugglers? And how he was maligned by local idiots? Well, well, well. A DHS memo was sent to several law enforcement entities around Arizona in May which corroborates his story. So, the Federal Government never said a word to defend this fine officer, Sheriff Babeu, or the people of Arizona who have been crying out for help in protecting their homes and property and their own lives from the invasion force of the drug cartels.

Jim Sharpe of KFYI started off his show this morning with this topic, comes back to it at about 12:00 minutes into the recording, and Sheriff Babeu joined him at about 20:35 minutes into the recording.  Sheriff Babeu confirms that he received the memo and that it's real.  Of course, it was "law enforcement sensitive" so Sheriff Babeu was restricted from using it to defend his officer.  Babeu also points out that the 911 commission said that the government should share information as quickly as they can even if it's not 100% accurate.  Clearly, the Obama regime is not cooperating; but we knew that.  Listen to Sheriff Babeu from 20:35 through the end of the recording.  Babeu is going after them with snipers.

250000 illegals have been apprehended using this area as an illegal alien and drug smuggler superhighway; 400000 roaming around free.  The memo says there are 23 hilltops with scouts.  In some cases, these scouts have radios with rolling encryption - ie, they cannot be tracked.

In the memo, the intel shows that the cartel was involved in the ambush of the officer.  All the while the federal government and DHS sat on this information.    If you weren't convinced before, you should be now... DHS is lead by a liar, President Obama is a liar.

So, the Director of DHS, also the former Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano sits there and lies saying the border is as secure as it has ever been all the while knowing that it actually far less secure than it has ever been and parts of Arizona are now under the control of the cartels and they are actually at war with each other fighting over our American land.  And they put up signs facing north to tell us to keep out!!!!!

Note that Puerto Penasco is the quaint little beach community where a large number of Zonies own condos and drive down every weekend.  I repeat that if you set foot in Mexico, you're insane.

PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. -- Mexican drug cartels have plotted to send assassins into Arizona to murder bandits who are stealing drugs from the cartels, according to a U.S. Department of Homeland Security memo obtained by CBS 5 News.

A CBS 5 News law enforcement source said the memo was sent to several law enforcement agencies in May.

The memo said, "We just received information from a proven credible confidential source who reported that a meeting was held in Puerto Penasco in which every smuggling organization who utilizes the Vekol Valley was told to attend. This included rival groups within the Guzman cartel."

The Guzman cartel is one of the most powerful and dangerous cartels in Mexico.

The Vekol Valley is a known drug smuggling corridor in Pinal County and is also where Pinal Deputy Louie Puroll claims to have been ambushed by armed smugglers on April 30, according to Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

"It was decided to send a group of 15, very well equipped and armed sicarios (hired assassins) complete with bullet proof vests, into the Vekol Valley," according to the memo.

The cartels would then "send groups of 'simulated backpackers' carrying empty boxes covered with burlap into the Vekol Valley to draw out the bandits." Once identified, according to the memo, "the sicarios will take out the bandits."

After CBS 5 News told Babeu that it knew about the memo, he confirmed his agency was one of several Arizona law enforcement agencies that received the memo in May.

"We need to be plain and clear with the American people about this information. You've already confirmed it. I'm not going to lie about it," Babeu said during an interview Thursday afternoon.

"This is no longer a law enforcement matter. This is literally a national security threat to our country," Babeu said.

"These drug cartels are working in tandem to now bring this violence here to America. And this is alarming because to this point, we haven't seen this, a coordinated response from drug cartels who nearly have toppled the Mexican government," he said.

Babeu did not give details, but said he has received several similar memos from federal law enforcement agencies about Mexican cartel activity taking place within Arizona's borders.

"All of these things are proof and evidence that we need help here," Babeu said. "That it's not just local law enforcement that needs to fight this. That we do need armed soldiers to the border to stop this. This threat is real."

That local law enforcement would be left to confront agents of a foreign cartel coming across the international border of the United States to carry out a deadly drug war on U.S. soil is further evidence that the federal government is not doing its duty to secure the border, said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

“This is confirmed intelligence that Mexican drug cartels are now working in concert to protect their drug loads in the United States, literally, to send well-armed, military trained--even with ballistic vests--up to my county,” Babeu told

“This clearly is no longer a public safety issue,” he said. “This is a national security issue. The violence is bleeding into America and we must stop it.”

The DHS sent an e-mail on May 13, 2010 to several law enforcement agencies warning that Mexican drug cartels were deploying “sicarios” (assassins) into the western part of Pinal County, Ariz., to “take out” bandits that were robbing drug smugglers who had entered the United States from Mexico through the Arizona desert.

The e-mail was sent on May 13, 2010, and made public this Friday, Oct. 15, after local media in Arizona obtained the e-mail and questioned local law enforcement about it.

Babeu said that until now the e-mail was kept private because it was considered “law enforcement sensitive.” But Babeu, a critic of the Obama administration’s handling of immigration and border security issues, said he released it today because it constitutes further evidence that the government is not protecting Americans from the threats posed by a porous border.

“This is unacceptable for our federal government not to secure the border and not to respond to these threats,” Babeu told “How has it become in America [that] local sheriffs and law enforcement have to go up onto hillsides and pull people out of caves and take lookouts and scouts, who have binoculars, and night vision, and communication devices which are encrypted and rolling – they said so, right in the memo.”

The May 13 e-mail reads, in part: “We just received information from a proven credible confidential source who reported that last weekend, a meeting was held in Puerto Penasco in which every smuggling organization who utilized the Vekol Valley was told to attend. This included rival groups within the Guzman cartel.

“It was decided that the cartel would send a group of fifteen, very well equipped and armed sicarios complete with bullet proof vests, into the Vekol Valley” the e-mail continues. “The Cartel has a map of where the most bandit activity has been occurring. The group will walk into the valley taking four days to get into LPOP positions and communicate back to Penasco. Penasco will then send groups of simulated backpackers carrying empty boxes covered with burlap into the Vekol Valley to draw out the bandits. Once the bandits have been identified, the sicarios will take out the bandits.”

“Incidentally” the e-mail continues,” the night of the Vekol Valley shooting, we received information from a source who reported that the scouts in the valley (the Cartel has 23 scout locations with rolling encryption) were reporting that bandits had shot two sheriff’s deputies and the area was covered with cops.”

The last portion of the e-mail apparently refers to the reported ambush of Pinal County Deputy Louie Puroll, who was shot while scouting the Vekol Valley area on April 30, two weeks before DHS sent the e-mail warning of drug cartel operations in the small location.

While Vekol Valley in southwest Arizona is about 70 miles north from the U.S.-Mexico border, Puerto Penasco – the site where DHS said the drug cartels were meeting to discuss the assassination plot – is a resort town on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, a little more than 60 miles south from the border.

Babeu said despite the federal government’s intelligence, it failed to respond to its own warning, except to install 15 billboard-sized warning notices in the Vekol Valley area cited in the DHS e-mail. (See story.)

“It is right in that exact location,” Babeu said of the signs that were erected shortly after the e-mail was sent. “That’s why they put up these signs. They knew of this and the only thing they did was put up signs warning our citizens to stay out.”

Babeu said the federal government’s border security policy has failed and action should be taken immediately to stem further violence by Mexican drug cartels on U.S. soil.

DHS did not respond to phone or e-mail requests from for comment on this story and the May 13 e-mail.


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Thanks Holger. I was so angry when I wrote it that I have typos and grammatical errors which I should have caught. But, the important thing is the truth of what Napolitano and Obama are doing - lying and preventing us from protecting our own borders.