Sunday, October 03, 2010

American Murdered on USA-Mexican Border Lake

This is even more horrifying than the Global Warming freaks who want to kill you.  Because it's REAL.  Mexican terrorists murdered an American man on a lake which straddles the American - Mexican border.

Search teams are combing a Texas lake for the body of a man who was allegedly shot and killed by Mexican pirates when he and his wife were ambushed after crossing into Mexican waters on their personal watercraft.

David Michael Hartley, 30, and his wife Tiffany Hartley, 29, were attacked on Falcon Lake, near the southern tip of Texas, police said.

Tiffany Hartley told police her husband was shot in the back of the head as the couple fled to U.S. waters.

The gunmen are suspected to be Mexican pirates who have been marauding on the lake, law enforcement officials said.

Hartley fell off his watercraft after he was shot, according to his wife, who told rescuers and police she attempted to circle back to save him, but the gunmen were still firing shots so she had to abandon the rescue attempt.

OK, it sounds to me like they crossed into the Mexican part of the lake to "do some sightseeing".  As awful as it is that a man was murdered, and as distraught as his now-widow is, I have to ask what the hell they were doing going into Mexican waters in the first place?  Were they completely unaware of the border violence?  How could they be unaware when they lived there for 5 months?  What were they thinking??  Not that any deserves to be killed for being unaware or just plain dumb.  But seriously, who would actually go to Mexico right now?  If you do, you're a fool.

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