Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Radical Agenda of SB1070 opponents

The world knows that the entire country, and some outside the country, have protested Arizona's controversial SB 1070 which simply echoes Federal Immigration Law. The entire world knows this because that is all the main stream media in this country has talked about since the bill passed.  As if this law, which only codifies what the Phoenix police have been doing for years (ie, if there is some other lawful contact, also check the immigration status).  Arizona is overrun.  There are less than 6 million people in this state and nearly half a million are illegals.  Do the math.  The percentage is not trivial.

What the world may not be aware of is the real agenda of these protestors.  In addition to the fists and masks and open borders agenda observed in Phoenix, the protestors in California are showing more of their real agenda.  All the pictures below are taken from KFI.

You decide who these people really are and what they really want.


Holger Awakens said...

They're pieces of shit.

Anonymous said...

Kirly, love the new widget. Now when I do my almost daily Obama check, I can check AZ too.