Saturday, May 22, 2010

For the illiterati

For the illiterate opponents of AZ SB 1070


BJinAmerica said...

Love the puppet;s insight, Kirly. Hope we can get the puppets in our own government to understand.

I have mentioned your great blog over at the Partizane Arizona story and posted the link. Your state is being maligned, and its people are being treated unfairly.

If Arizona is so racist, why are people fighting to stay?

BjinAmerica said...

Here's a message a friend left me that I think you'll like Kirly. I am putting it here for you. (It's up to you to decide if it belongs on your blog.)

When the screen fills up with words, then the words tumble to the bottom and new words start up again at the top of the screen.

Kirly said...

hi BJ! Thanks for the link. I like it. what it says there is true.

And yes, i know that my beautiful state is being maligned and that the socalled leaders and open borders advocates all over the world are lying. it's not a simple case of reading or not reading the bill. they don't care what's in it. it simply echoes federal law but it is LESS stringent than federal law. those on our side are starting to point that out to opposition. they change the subject instantly. cowards!

btw, the login page to the chat has a list of blogs that link in there. the real biggies are and just thought you might be interested.

Kirly said...

BJ, I forgot! holger has the BEST war news on the internet here: