Friday, May 21, 2010

New CafePress Shop

Being fed up with the whole brouhaha over Arizona SB1070, I created a CafePress shop where you can buy this new design I just made.

Careful what you wish for.  While we do not have the ability to flip the switch immediately, we do have the ability to ensure a less cooperative attitude in future negotiations.

Why the hell can't California build power plants in their own state anyway?  Same reason they won't drill for oil to fuel their own economy.  Elitists and environmental whackjobs control everything out there (don't give me any lip either!  I was born and raised there!) and won't allow.  Fine.  If it were up to me, you'd be sitting there in the dark already.

All the normals are cordially and enthusiastically invited to live here in Arizona, holy land of SB 1070.


Legion said...

Right on Kirly! Punish them back!!

Kirly said...

Legion, I wish i could! I would have just flipped the switch and waited for them to find me and say, "er, uhm, whatcha doin?". After appropriate apologies, I might renegotiate with 'em at a much higher price 'cuz ya know, we have to pay for all the costs of the illegals here. Hospitals closing, filth in the desert, etc.