Saturday, May 15, 2010

McCain should be apologizing to Arizona

Riehl World View is right.  McCain should be apologizing to Arizona.  He has been the Senator from Arizona for decades but in Washington he represents himself and his own ambitions with little or no regard for his constituents.

McCain was pro-illegal, pro-amnesty, anti-fence, anti-border enforcement in 2007 and many times before.  Now he expects us to believe that he's flipped on the issue?  Fine.  Even if we believe he is a flip-flopper, which stance represents his real values and which of those will he take back to Washington if re-elected?  The anti-border enforcement pro-amnesty stance of 2007?  Or this new border hawk stance of 2010?  And why should we trust him since we can't tell where he truly stands?

McCain is also trying to blame Washington for this lack of border enforcement.  Senator McCain, you are Washington and have been for decades!  YOU are the problem!

Forget it McCain.  You are long past your rotten-by date.  Please retire.  Someplace other than Arizona.

For the record, I voted against Obama, for Palin, and not for you in the '08 Presidential election.

McCain's Shameful Irresponsibility On Illegal Immigration

I see others are laughing at McCain's illegal immigration ad I mocked the other day. Michelle Malkin calls it desperation. It's that and worse. John McCain has been in Washington for freaking ever. He was supposed to be representing Arizona. But when people in Arizona and across the country were calling for a secure Southern border, he ridiculed them. Then he jumped in bed with Ted Kennedy to play politics on comprehensive reform no one wanted, because we know we can't trust DC on the enforcement angle.

McCain should be apologizing to Arizona, not engaging in weak attempts to make the issue his own, now. He's a big part of the problem and wasn't interested in being part of a real solution when it was needed, because he was positioning himself to run for President in 2008. (Kirls - While I believe McCain should have been retired before '08, I believe this is a typo and should have read 2010)

McCain is the worst kind of joke on this issue, an old and a sad one. And he needs to be retired in 2008.

John McCain is everywhere now preaching the gospel of secure borders. He’s inescapable. And shameless. And desperate.
Read this by Michelle Malkin.  She has links to his past pro-amnesty, anti-fence stance from '07.  Michelle reminds us that McCain is "The man who proudly named Soros-funded, open-borders radical Juan Hernandez as his Hispanic Outreach Director" for his '08 Presidential bid.

And let's not forget the Vanity Fair piece in 2007 where he is quoted as saying By the way, I think the fence is least effective. But I’ll build the goddamned fence if they want it.”  So, it was the gd fence then and the dang fence now.  Nothing has changed but the presentation.
Join me everyone.  Support JD Hayworth for the Senate!


Crusader Rabbit said...

Actually, I'd like to see McCain retire to Sierra Vista or Bisbee or some other part of Arizona that is being made unlivable by the lack of border enforcement. [A problem he lead the cause of creating.]

Instead he lives in Cottonwood, far far away from the fatal consequences of his folly.

Kirly said...

Not a bad idea at all. How about the deceased ranchers place?

KG said...

Erk! Another Crusader Rabbit!

Kirly said...

hi KG! startling, isn't it? :-)