Saturday, February 14, 2009

Moslem beheads wife in New York

Yet another example of the barbaric 7yh century cult of islam

Man charged with wife's gruesome death

The couple have four children

Updated: Friday, 13 Feb 2009, 6:49 PM

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) - A shocking and gruesome story of a T.V. station owner's wife, found decapitated at the Bridge's Muslim T.V. network in Orchard Park.

In pictures of happier times, 37-year-old Aasiya Zubair and her 44-year-old husband Mo Hassan, who founded Bridges T.V.

Thursday evening, police converge on the station's Orchard Park studio and office.

"The worst that I've seen, yeah," said Andrew Benz, Orchard Park Police Chief. Orchard Park Police chief Andrew Benz is talking about the crime scene where Assiya Zubair's body was found.

Police tell News 4 the only suspect in this case is the victim's husband, who walked into police headquarters in Orchard Park Thursday evening to report his wife was dead.

It's being called a brutal murder.

"She was decapitated,yes," said Benz.

Zubair was found in the hallway. The mission of Bridges TV is to foster understanding between cultures and diverse populations. According to police, the couple had trouble getting along.

Benz said, "There has been some history. I believe Mrs. Hassan, the victim, had recently filed for divorce and had served the papers on Mr. Hassan."

Police say Zubair and her husband were parents to four children. The marital issues came to light recently with police going to the couple's Big Tree Road in Orchard Park last Friday. ApparentlyZubair felt she was in danger.

"We had been down to their house on Friday, the 6th to serve an order of protection," said Benz.

Police say Hassan moved out that day. Bridges T.V. staffers aren't commenting. The website list Hassan as the CEO and his wife was the general manager. It's not clear if she was still working at Bridges.

"Simply because you get an order or protection, I don't think you can put your guard down and say I am safe now," Benz said.

The Erie County Holding Center is where Hassan is being held on a second degree murder charge.

There's no bail at this point.

Authorities aren't saying anything about a possible motive.

They are trying to contact the victim's family in Pakistan.

Sorry but I'm just not feeling the urge to say "welcome to America" to barbarians like these. Just how sick in your thinking do you have to be to first choose murder and second to choose beheading as you muder method???

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Grace Explosion said...

This society is BARBARIC in it's treatment of women, Jews, and unbelievers. It is a society of the abuse and hate of women in sexism, racism against Jews, and religious hate against peaceful members of all other religions.

This is a dangerous, evil cult that seeks world domination. All it's members would be best deprogrammed... and if we have any immigrants of this hate group in the US they should be deported.

Such brutal barbaric behavior this evil book, the Koran, preaches.

What an evil cult.