Saturday, February 14, 2009

Amateur hour

Emanuel: WH not 'amateur hour'

The best part of this article, is the comment by blackdog posted February 14, 2009 at 9:51 a.m...

Amateur hour indeed! The Obama administration is more of a little rascals Marxist club. Amateur hour makes these clowns look like the gang that can't shoot straight. What a pizz poor pool of imbicels that the communist left have voted into power.

They have proved in less than 30 days that they are a gang of mentally challenged socialists that only know two things. How to spend and spin bull chit to the ignorant followers who eat every word of their bovine droppings. There isn't one honest human in the whole stinking corrupt administration.

Obama and the entire gaggle of white house comrades are showing the entire world what a band of bafoons are really like. Its a grand parade of socialist incompetence and Obamas vile hatred of the United States and its people and the freedoms that we have fought and died to maintain. This gaggle of idiots cant understand that Americans will fight and die again to maintain our freedom and liberties just as they have done in the past.

Obama WILL fail in his mission to make the United States a communist nation to fit his marxist ideology. Thats why the Obama govt is so adamant about taking over all our corporations and destroying all opposition such as talk radio or media, nationalizing health care, taking away ALL our firearms and isolating those who would call him on his plans to communize the nation.

Obama and Marx said:"from each according to their abilities and to each according to their 'needs'". Thats called communism. Joseph Stalin said:" A man with a gun can control more than a hundred who have had their guns confiscated". The last man that ran as the ACP candidate around 1949 said:" We no longer have to campaign as the communist party because the democrats have adopted our platform", [we have won by default].

So there you have it. chaos in the democratic [communist] party who really amateurs and rule by edict, executive orders and by nationalizing every thing in sight while they take away everything that every American has been working for all their lives, and give it to their gang of innorant stooge followers who only yearn to get everything for nothing and be supported by the state. Obama and his gang of 40+ thieves are fulfilling their every wish.

God bless America, god **** the liberals and the marxists in america. Pray for guidance, a return to God and the restoration of Freedom and Liberty before Obama takes it ALL away.

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