Saturday, February 21, 2009

Deliberately Damaging our Economy

By the time I read the first three chapters of Amity Shlaes book, The Forgotten Man, I realized that Rush Limbaugh was right and the administration saying that their actions would not be affected by the market and literally laughing at those protesting the constant bailouts (especially of individuals who acquired homes and/or mortgages that they could never repay) all makes sense now.

They're damaging our economy deliberately. Remember Rahm Immanuel saying never let a good crisis go to waste; that a good crisis can be used to get things done which you'd never dream of achieving otherwise. We should believe these economic terrorists mean what they say just as we should believe islamofascist terrorists when they say they want to convert us all or kill us all.
They know that desparate conditions are they only thing which has ever made the American people accept leftist government.

They are literally attempting to cause a new Great(er) Depression so that we will accept a new New Deal. The New Deal shifted the center of this country far enough left to enable all the socialist programs that we have all endured and paid for since WWII. Programs which have nearly destroyed large portions of our society - such as The Family (especially the black family and the now defunct tradition of elderly relatives living with younger family members).

I challenge you to read The Forgotten Man and compare the actions of Hoover and FDR to those of this current administration and imagine how far left America will end up if this administration is allowed to continue. Look how far left they've moved us in just a single month!

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