Saturday, February 07, 2009

Beheadings continue in Mexico border area

Gee, I wonder who inspired the Mexicans to Islamic style violence.

So hear we sit with beheadings and God knows what worse just feet from our border. When will we wake up to the threat in our own back yard?

207 dead

If it isn't a war zone, it would be hard to tell by the body count, which has reached 207 in the Juárez area this year.

In the first five days of February, 54 people were slain, surpassing the 37 homicides in all of February last year.


Before dawn Thursday, five men were shot execution-style in the community of El Millón, east of Juárez across the Rio Grande from Fabens, Chihuahua state police said.

The men were lined up, their heads covered and their hands and feet bound with tape when they were shot in the backyard of a home, police said. The men, who had not been identified, were wearing pajama pants and underwear.

Investigators said the men were killed by 11 rounds fired by a "military-style" small firearm.

El Millón is a village in the valley of Juárez whose farming communities are part of a notorious smuggling corridor east of El Paso-Juárez that has recently become a hot spot for violence.

Last Saturday, three severed heads - the latest in a string of similar decapitations in the valley - were found in an ice chest in the main plaza in El Millón, along with an undisclosed threatening message, police said.

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Render said...

I blame it all on those Highlander movies.