Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's 1938 again. I ask again...

What will YOU do? Which side will YOU choose? Well Christians? Get off the fence and defend God's Chosen People!

Near-pogrom in Antwerp (Carl has video)

There was nearly a pogrom in Antwerp on Wednesday (December 31) after Hamas supporters attending a demonstration sponsored by the Arab European League entered the Jewish quarter of the City and rioted there. Antwerp is one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe (after London and Paris, I believe it is the largest).

Carl also has some translations there...

Many Jews in Antwerp did not go on the street Wednesday after the demonstration
from the AEL against the war violence got out of hand.

There was considerable damage done

Also in the Diamantbuurt where many Jews live and work said the chief editor of the weekly Joodse Actueel, Michael Freilich. The Jewish community fears according to him to become victims of vandalism and violence. An internal sms agency from the community warned people to avoid the Diamantbuurt."According to Freilach everyone is afraid that the situation could escalate. We have not experienced this since 2003. Freilich said that his telephone rang off the hook from worried people who don't know what to do


The demonstraters went on a rampage and destroyed car windows, trams, and buses. There were also fights with the police who had closed off the district.

The demonstration in Antwerp began around 2 o'clock in the afternoon. When the police dispersed the demonstration around an hour later the atmosphere was grave and the rioters turned in the direction of the Jewish district. The demonstration in Brussels was quiet.

Carl is right. It's time to leave these hostile locales!

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