Monday, January 12, 2009

God Bless Joe The Plumber! er, I mean, Joe The Journalist!

Joe the Plumber is reporting for pajamastv! Read about his trip and see his first report here!

A few snippets from Bob Owens...

Pajamas TV is turning Joe the Plumber into a journalist, and the media class doesn’t like it one bit.

Joe Wurzelbacher is in Israel with a television crew in tow to talk to Israeli civilians about the war with Hamas in Gaza, and quite a few journalists — including the author of this media blog — seem personally offended that an out-of-work plumber who was recently the focus of their snarky asides might soon be counted as a peer.

On the surface, their complaint seems to be that that being a war correspondent — among the most glamorous and dangerous of media assignments — requires a specialized journalism background.

At the risk of bruising the fragile egos of some of these journalists — no, it doesn’t.

Mr. Owens goes on to list Stephen Crane, Ernie Pyle, Michael Yon, Michael Totten ... none of whom were officially trained journalists.

Well good for you Joe Wurzelbacher! This is America! You can be/do anything you want! You were a plumber and now you're a journalist! Go get 'em!


Holger Awakens said...

:waves to Kirls:

How are ya? Happy New Year! (belated)


Kirly said...

Hi OE!

Doing well. Waiting on another operation. This one on the right elbow.

AZ is happy today. We're going to the SuperBowl! Woohoo!

Bet you're freezing up there. I just got back from philly. brrrr. but at least it was dry and not windy while i was there.